Last 100 Years of Preaching Acts 2:38

The Last 100 Years of Preaching Acts 2:38

On April 15, 1914, Frank J. Ewart delivered his first public sermon on Acts 2:38 in a tent he set up in Belvedere [Los Angeles], California.

Ewart and Evangelist Glenn A. Cook secured a baptismal tank & rebaptized one another invoking the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ that.

The results of preaching and baptizing in the Name of Jesus were incredible, and the tent filled completely!

"One of the greatest, most startling characteristics of that great revival was that the vast majority of the new converts were filled with the Holy Ghost after coming up out of the water. They would leave the tank speaking in other tongues. Many were healed when they were baptized." ~ Frank Ewart

Frank Ewart was born in Australia. He was a Baptist bush missionary there who emigrated to Canada where he married and began to pastor. He attended a Pentecostal camp meeting in 1908 in Portland, Oregon, and became convinced that the experience was real. He received an “insatiable hunger” for the baptism of the Spirit and tarried twenty-one days before receiving a glorious Pentecost:

"I received a mighty infilling with the Holy Ghost. God left no room for doubt. I spoke in several known languages that I knew nothing about, and some of them were interpreted that night. I had asked the Lord to let all diseases go out of my body when the Holy Spirit came in. He took me at my word and answered my prayer."

After receiving the Holy Ghost at the Pentecostal camp meeting in Portland, Ewart returned to Canada where he was defrocked by the Baptist Church for his insistence that speaking in tongues was the evidence of Holy Ghost baptism.

Frank Ewart moved to Los Angeles. In 1911 he assisted, then succeeded, Pastor William H. Durham (upon his death) in the Pentecostal church at 7th & Los Angeles streets, in Los Angeles, CA.

Ewart remained strong in his persuasion that the Pentecostal experience was real.

Ewart stated God operated his vocal organ w a heavenly utterance & his body was His habitation, His pulpit, His temple, His laboratory.

Ewart said that upon receiving Holy Ghost, "Christ stepped out of the mist of theological speculation and became the greatest reality of my life."

Through Frank Ewart's ministry and writing, and the evangelism of Glenn Cook, many prominent Pentecostals became persuaded of the efficacy of baptism in the Name of Jesus, including Lemuel C. Hall, William Booth-Clibborn, A.H. Argue, Frank Small, George B. Studd, Elmer K. Fisher, R.J. Scott, Garfield T. Haywood, W.T. Witherspoon, E.G. Lowe, Raymond Hoekstra, W.L. Stallones, and Harry Morse.

Glenn Cook travelled back to Indianapolis, IN, where "the saints were prepared and hungry for the new message. Great crowds turned out from the beginning, people coming in from different points in Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois."

"During the thirty days of the meeting, I was informed by those who kept a record that some 469 were baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ."

"Among those baptized were G.T. Haywood, L.V. Roberts, the new Bishop Hancock, Brother Davis, and about all the leaders of that day."

"The Lord made a clean sweep, leaving few Pentecostal people in the city [Indianapolis] who were not baptized in the Name of Jesus."

Glenn A. Cook was a Baptist minister from Indianapolis who had moved to Los Angeles and worked as a newspaper reporter there.

Cook initially contended with William Seymour. But he was deeply impressed by Seymour's humility and patience, and began to attend his Pentecostal meetings.

Cook eventually apologized to Seymour for his “hard sayings.” He spent five weeks in heartfelt repentance and spiritual agony before receiving the baptism of the Holy Ghost:

"I felt that I was really lost and unless I received the Holy Ghost and spoke in tongues I would miss all. When I had just about given up all hope, the Holy Ghost fell on me as I lay in bed at home. I seemed to be in a trance for about twenty-four hours and the next day in the meeting began to speak in tongues."

Ewart & Cook began a campaign to reconvert the entire Pentecostal movement to the "Oneness" belief and to rebaptize them in Jesus' name!!

Francis John "Frank" Ewart became ordained in the United Pentecostal Church International, and was inducted to it's 'Order of the Faith' in 2011.
He was born in 1876; he died August 13, 1947 in Monterey Park, CA, where he had lived.
He is buried at Rose Hills Memorial Park in Whittier, CA.
Plot: Ivy Lawn Sec. 2 Lot 1221 grave #1

Glenn A. Cook was born May 31, 1869; he died September 21, 1947.
He is buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, CA.
Plot: Liberty, Map 1, Lot 2023, Space 1

Both Frank Ewart and Glenn Cook died in the same year ~ 1947.

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