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The Magic of Christmas poem












The Magic of Christmas never ends,
its greatest gifts are family and friends.

Beginning with the Savior's birth,
Creator God came down to earth.

Trading Kingly throne for manger alone,
and Angel choir for shepherd's attire.

He entered the world for which He gave,
with His only Son for our sins He paid.

For 2,000 years this story's been told,
Miraculous fulfillment to prophecies of old.

Wise men traveled from the East afar,
Following the shine of the brightest star.

When they arrived two years later,
The gifts they gave could not be greater.

Gold, frankincense, and myrhh,
Fit for a King, the Divine Creator.

Today we celebrate that virgin birth,
Brought peace & joy to Mother Earth.

The gifts we give one to another,
Remind of the One born like no other.

Let's not forget in our merriment,
The Child who redemption sent.

Son of God, & Father too,
Holy Spirit to dwell within you.

Peace on earth, good will towards men,
Glory to God in the highest Heaven.

~ an original poem by Art Hodges III, 12/25/2013