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Welcome friends! I'm a Husband to one, Father to three, Pop-Pop to two, Mentor to some, Pastor to hundreds, District Superintendent to thousands, Evangelist to 10's of thousands, UPCI Member of millions, and Friend to YOU!!

I am the Sr. Pastor of the South Bay Pentecostal Church in Chula Vista (San Diego), California; and, have served five years as the first UPCI SoCal District Superintendent.

Graduated from Sweetwater High School with the class of 1974.  Graduated from Apostolic Bible Institute with the class of 1977 in St Paul, Minnesota.

Married to my teenage sweetheart, Rosa (Palacios) Hodges, for 36 eventful years.

I've traveled many places, met lots of people, and experienced lots of things.  Have enjoyed flying and diving; skiing on water & snow; watching sunrises over 2,000 year old scenes from Jerusalem to Banaue to Lahore; walking the pink sand beaches of Bermuda to the white sand beaches of Boracay, from the black sand beaches of Kona to the golden sand beaches of San Diego (oh yes, that's where I live; well, not on the beach, but in the South Bay area of San Diego :-)

Thank you for visiting and taking the time to read… ahhh, it's a lost art (no pun intended 😉

I'm just getting started with this Blogging.  Let me know what you'd like to see here, and what you wouldn't!!

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  1. D.L. Kramer says:

    I enjoyed your view on resolution #2. My current pastor has decided to leave the UPCI over the final vote on this. I have been apart of the UPCI for over fort-five years. I am very sad that he made this decision. His elder is Brother Leon Frost. This probably has alot to do with his decision. I support many UPCI missionary's, and will always continue to be faithful in supporting as many of their great ministries. We should ever pull closer together as the day approaches; not leave the great umbrella that has been so affective to so many all these years. In service because of Him.

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